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At Dynamics our therapists are experienced in developing and improving the running technique of individuals. Our aim is to help you develop a running style that fits your needs and to assist you with your personal goals, no matter how big or small.

Running is a vital component of any sport and we understand the importance of good running technique from both a performance and injury perspective. We have been trained by Mike Antonaides from the Running School London who works in elite sport including premiership football, premiership rugby and elite track and field – to name a few! We use his methodology which has been developed over the past 30 years to ensure the best, most up to date technique is applied.


Running Biomechanical Assessment 1:1

Your biomechanical assessment will begin with a video analysis of running technique using high standard equipment and technology. Your therapist will then take you through a running specific functional movement analysis consisting of floor based exercises. This will allow us to identify any weaknesses that could cause injury or prevent you from reaching your running goals. You will be sent a report detailing the results of the assessment and begin your journey towards becoming an efficient runner.

Going forward in future sessions you can take advantage of our 6x 45min Running Lab Technique & Training Session Package or pay per session.

30mins £50


Running Lab Technique & Training Sessions 1:1

Following your video and functional movement analysis we can begin your personal training program. Each week we will focus on specific running technique and endurance training to fit your running style. We will also include exercises alternating between mobility, flexibility and strength to correct any weaknesses found in the biomechanical analysis. At the end of the 6 weeks we will reassess your running technique and functional movement analysis. You will have the knowledge and training to use the new technique adapted to your personal running style.

 30mins Session £50

30min Session Package £300 (Buy 6 get 1 FREE)