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Foot Orthotics

At Dynamics Physiotherapy Clinic, we offer an orthotic fitting service using Formthotics™ – Custom Medical Orthotics.

Foot hovering over blue orthotic foam mould

Formthotics™ are a total contact foot orthotic – achieved by thermoforming (heat-moulding) the device and fitting it to the patient’s foot.

They are made from Formax™, a high grade proprietary thermoformable polyolefin ‘closed cell’ foam. With greater mouldability than other foams, it will hold a moulded shape longer, better and more accurately than other orthotic devices. As a total contact foot orthotic, Formthotics™ provide the best possible foot control and comfort.

What to expect on your visit

Step 1 – Consultation

Our therapist will examine your lower limb and complete some tests. If we feel that the orthotic will help, we will prescribe the correct Formthotics for you, your shoe and your activity.

Step 2 – Fitting Formthotics

After choosing the correct Formthotic for you, our therapist will gently mould it to the contours of your feet and your shoes using the Formthotic heating system.

Generally you will not have to wait long as the consultation can be completed along with the fitting so that you go away and instantly feel the benefits.