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Employers’ Assistance

“Improve the health of your staff and your business”.

Woman sat at desk holding hands on lower back in pain

At Dynamics we offer an Employer Assistance Service enabling employers to provide fast access to physiotherapy treatment in Southampton for staff with musculo-skeletal injuries who are struggling at work with pain, or off work due to their injury.

This direct and fast access to physiotherapy results in a diagnosis following up with a recovery plan and return to work.

Our aim with this service is to address injuries in the early stages.

The business proposition is straightforward: the money you invest in getting staff better is money saved on long-term sick pay.

When employees are referred to Dynamics, our first job is to ask about the specific tasks they are required to do each day.

With this knowledge, our therapists will develop a treatment programme that incorporates work-specific rehabilitation exercises to increase their strength and stamina, ensuring they return to work with the required level of fitness for every task.

If required we will also be able to advise you on any steps you can take, as an employer, to avoid similar injuries occurring or being aggravated in the workplace.

This may involve making small changes to your working practices or operating environment. With this knowledge you will be able to reduce the risk of future staff absences with similar problems.