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Dance and Performance Physiotherapy

Dancers need their bodies at peak performance for their art.

At Dynamics, we understand the unique working environment of the performer.

The repetitive choreography, costume, footwear and stage rakes often cause problems and can be a contributing factor to injury.

Even a few days out of action through injury can have a big impact on a performer committed to a constant show schedule.

Dynamics’ Dean Cook has been treating performers from national and international touring companies since 1999.

Dean and his team are the first point of contact for cruise ships and the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton if any show performers need assistance.

The therapists have a keen understanding of different styles of dance and the physical loads they each place on the body.

This is extremely reassuring for touring dancers, actors, singers and musicians in unfamiliar surroundings with no time to waste.

All our treatment methods are based on strict clinical guidelines and aim to encourage optimum healing and recovering in the shortest possible time… because the show must go on.